Pay is $25/hour

  • Must be 21 years old or older. Can be 18 with management permission.
  • Comfortable lifting 50-75lbs (this is a physically demanding job)
  • Reliable and on-time
  • Available for the entire duration of all shifts assigned
  • Able to be flexible with shift hours. Depending on the work needed, shifts may be shortened or extended (within reason)
  • Comfortable working late-night and overnight hours
  • Able to work outdoors and care for self in high-temperatures for extended periods
  • Able to take direction from stage management and work together with other crew members.
  • Must be able to speak and understand directions in English.
  • Must provide a copy of a valid driver’s license and a completed W-9 tax form (provided).


  • Wear sunscreen and bring extra with you
  • Wear comfortable and supportive shoes with good traction. No cowboy boots. No sandals or open-toed shoes of ANY kind.
  • Wear light-weight, light-colored clothing that breathes well. Avoid cotton. You will be working outside in the heat.
  • Wear a light-weight hat
  • Bring work gloves if you prefer to use them. They WILL NOT be provided.
  • Drink plenty of water and electrolyte drinks (Powerade or Gatorade). Drinks will be provided throughout your shift, but consider bringing extra of your own preference and a way to keep it cool.
  • Avoid heat related illness by cooling yourself with water & ice provided (Examples: Get your hat wet, use a cooling towel, wet other articles of clothing and skin)
  • Smoking, vaping or tobacco use of any kind is NOT ALLOWED
  • Alcohol is STRICTLY prohibited and you will be dismissed if you are suspected of drinking.
  • Meals will be provided during your shift, as will snacks. If you have dietary restrictions, plan to provide your own food.
  • Your shift ends when the work is done and you are dismissed by your supervisor. All crew members must be available for all shifts. If you do not show up for your shift or you leave before you are dismissed, you will not be paid.
  • Parking is available in the South East parking lot closest to the baseball field. You will receive a parking pass during your first shift.
  • You will be paid by check by July 20th. You will receive a text when your check is ready. Checks will be available for up at the Canyon Media Offices located at 3143 South, 840 East, Suite #1
  • If you have any questions contact Colleen Rue at colleen@canyonmedia.net or by calling 435-590-7254


  • Unloading (pushing, pulling and carrying) equipment from trucks
  • Walking up and down truck ramps
  • Set up of all sound & lighting equipment
  • Tear down of all equipment immediately following the show
  • Loading equipment back into trucks
  • Lighting operations as assigned

PROJECTED SHIFT SCHEDULE (Hours subject to change)

Tuesday, July 2
7pm – 2am

Wednesday, July 3
7pm – 2am

Thursday, July 4
7am – 12pm and 9:45pm – 6am Wednesday, July 5 (or until work is completed)


Fill Out the Form Below & Download the W9 Form


First Name:

Last Name:



Date of Birth



I understand and confirm that I am comfortable lifting 50-75lbs (This is a physically demanding job)

I Have Read & Downloaded the W-9 PDF on this Page and will bring it completed and a copy of my drivers license for my first shift

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